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The Monument to soldiers-internationalists

  • Address: 7 Starovilenskaya Str.
  • Coordinates: 53.909934,27.55464
  • Site: www.warmuseum.by
  • Metro station:  Niamiha
  • Phones:  +375 17 203 18 54
The Monument to soldiers-internationalists is located in the Troitsky suburb of Minsk, on an island in the middle of the River Svisloch. It is widely known as the Island of Courage and Sorrow. The main compositional element of the memorial complex is a monument made in the form of the XIth century Euphrosynia Polotskaya chapel. The base of the monument is made in the form of figures of mourning mothers. Some of them hold icons, others - portraits of sons. Inside the monument, there are 4 altars with the names of the killed Afghan soldiers, natives of Belarus and those who were buried in the Belarusian land. An important element of the memorial complex is the figure of the bronze guardian angel. It is a monument to those Afgan soldiers, who died from physical and emotional wounds after returning to their homeland.


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