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Museum Complex “Dudutki”

  • Address: Room 1, museum complex, Ptich village, Pukhovichi district, Minsk region
  • Coordinates: 53.594474097131,27.668844286499
  • Site: www.dudutki.by
  • Phones:  +375 29 602 52 50
Dudutki is a museum complex, one of the most famous and well-loved all over Belarus. Enjoy a fascinating journey into the world of old-time daily life and crafts, visit workrooms, a bakery and a brewery, an operating windmill, a zoological garden and try authentic cuisine. You can taste freshly baked bread, homemade cheese and home-distilled vodka with gourmet appetizers.

Dudutki is a number one destination for those who want to experience Belarusian traditions and simply feel good vibes on a journey.

Free ride on a wagon upon presentation of the Minsk Card

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