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Mikhail Savitsky Art Gallery

  • Address: 15 Svobody Square
  • Coordinates: 53.90387,27.553477
  • Site: www.minskmuseum.by
  • Metro station:  Niamiha
  • Phones:  +375 17 321 24 30; +375 17 321 24 38
Mikhail Savitsky Art Gallery. The exposition introduces visitors to the history of the city manor, the biography and the works of the Hero of Belarus, the People's Artist of Belarus, the honorable citizen of Minsk - Mikhail Savitsky (1922-2010).

Minsk Card holders get the following opportunities:
- to explore the suite of rooms, which are decorated in the styles characteristic of the late 19th century;
- to view the halls with picturesque canvases, experience the artist's creative works, visit the interiors of the artist's studio;
- to visit the exhibition halls and be guests at the vernissages of Belarusian and foreign artists;
- to take a souvenir photo of the exhibition;
- to purchase gifts, M. Savitsky and other Belarusian artists art albums.

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