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The History and Culture Museum-Reserve "ZASLAŬJE”

  • Address: 8a, Rynochnaya Str., Zaslavl, Minsk regoin
  • Coordinates: 54.003781,27.290477
  • Site: www.zaslaue.by
  • Phones:  +375 17 544 11 70
The History and Culture Museum - Reserve “Zaslavl” unites an intricate system of sites and territories, interconnected by history, theme and functions. It includes 113 hectares of the ancient town's territory and the antiquities of international and national recognition, such as, “Zamechek” (10-11th centuries, in chronicles: Izyaslavl), town center “Val” and former Calvinist Cathedral (11-17 centuries, Zaslavl Castle), the Roman Catholic Church of Holy Mary's Nativity (the second half of the 18th century).  

Museum Exhibition Center, Ethnographic Complex “The Mill”, Pillbox Museum, Children's Museum of Myths and Forests welcome all types of visitors.

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