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The exhibition "Minsk Horse-Drawn Railway"

  • Address: 6 Cyril and Methodius Str.
  • Coordinates: 53.905442097836,27.557120424606
  • Site: www.minskmuseum.by
  • Metro station:  Niamiha
  • Phones:  +375 17 321 24 30
The exhibition "Minsk Horse-Drawn Railway" introduces visitors to the horse-tram - the first public transport in Minsk. The horse-tram was a car, which was pulled along the tracks by a pair of horses driven by a coachman.

Mimsk Card holders get the following opportunities:
- to take a virtual ride in a horse-drawn carriage along the streets of provincial Minsk;
- to window-shop at Minsk stores of the early 20th century: Levin's store, Staronevich's pharmacy, the postal and telegraph office;
- to find out news about the work of Minsk horse-tram using the phone;
- to get Minsk horse-tram driver's certificate after completing the quest;
- to take a souvenir photo of the exhibition.

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