Terms and Conditions. Public Offer

Terms and Conditions. Public Offer

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MinskCard are sold through our online store belsouvenir.by. When you purchase a MinskCard, you will be redirected to the site belsouvenir.by. Below are the "Terms and Conditions" and "Public Offer" for this online-store.

Internet shop belsouvenir.by - belongs to the Unitary Enterprise "Mingorspravka" and sells goods by samples in the territory of the Republic of Belarus. The enterprise "Mingorspravka" was established on August 1, 1929.

Terms and Conditions


Automatic registration is available upon the first order. The login and password created by the system are sent to your email address. Afterwards, you can change this data, and also link social networks (section Settings) to your account.

You can also sign in in advance or log in via any social network.

Registration is carried out once. It allows you to use the services of the store: place an order, track the status of the order and get a discount and bonuses.


The online store belsouvenir.by guarantees that any personal information provided by the customer is used only for internal purposes related to the execution of the order. Only belsouvenir.by administration and the user have access to this information. Information is not transferred to third parties. Belsouvenir.by takes all necessary measures to protect it.


The goods that are available in our store are available on the website belsouvenir.by. Use the search on the site to find the necessary products (the search line is called by clicking on the corresponding icon in the upper right corner to the right of the menu). After you find the right product, you need to put it in the basket by clicking on the "Add to cart" button. After that, you need to go to the "Cart" and proceed with the selection of the type of delivery, the method of payment and the entering of personal data. When filling out the contact information, try to enter it correctly and in detail. This will speed up the execution of the order. After completing the order placement, wait for the "Confirmation" with the number of your order. It may appear useful in case of any difficulties. The order is also confirmed by a letter to the e-mail, specified by you at registration.

Order price

The order’s amount is calculated at the time of placing the order, i.e the prices for the ordered goods are fixed directly at the time of placing a particular order. During the picking and delivery process, prices for goods may change on the site, they may rise or fall. It depends on many factors. For example, such as changes in the supplier's prices, changes in the currency of the supplier's country, the beginning or the end of the sale applied to these goods.

But! This in no way may affect the amount of the order already issued! Because "prices are valid at the time of ordering."

Order picking

Order picking is carried out in accordance with the following principles: cash orders are to be completed immediately after their processing. Non-cash \ cashless orders and orders, which are paid through the bank, begin to be completed only after we receive documents confirming the transfer of money.

In the description of the goods under its price the time of order collection is indicated. If the goods are available, there will be an inscription “in stock” opposite it. If the goods are carried under the order, the picking time in days will be indicated. For different goods, the picking time may differ. It is generated automatically, depending on when the nearest delivery of this group of goods is expected. When ordering more than one product, the maximum period for completing these goods is taken. Attention! According to statistics for various reasons (the specificity of making author's souvenirs, etc.), about 10% of goods from our catalog may not be delivered.

Order delivery

Order delivery is carried out in the manner specified by the customer when placing an order. Delivery is carried out within the period specified on the site for this type of goods and the manner of their delivery. The delivery time of your order is calculated in the following way: the order picking time is taken and the delivery time of the goods is added. In case the courier arrived on time, stipulated during the pre-call, and the customer was not at home, or the customer did not open the door, i.e. the courier could not deliver due to the fault of the customer, the customer will have to pay for the double delivery.

Receiving an order

When ordering, make sure that the ordered and received goods are in good quality and appropriate quantity. Return or replacement of the goods is possible in case of detecting of a refuse\reject, damage due to improper storage or transportation through the fault of the seller. In case a visible refuse\reject of the goods was not found on receipt, the goods may not be returned.


We guarantee the quality and completeness of the offered goods and services. The buyer has the right to demand accurate, timely execution of the order. We bear full responsibility to the customer for the completeness of the order. In case of conflict situations, we will take all measures to resolve the contentious issue, placing the interests of the customer above all else.

Important information

We kindly ask, to read all the information proposed for review when placing the order. Check personal data, make timely changes to measure the fulfillment of the order with personal plans and payment opportunities. Pay for the order in accordance with the chosen method of payment. When communicating with store staff, adhere to general politeness norms and show mutual respect. Notify us about changes in your intentions in time. In case of violations of the rules of placing, receipt of orders, failure to fulfill the obligations of the customer, insulting the honor and dignity of the seller, we reserve the right to terminate the relationship with you as a customer.

Copyright protection

All rights to the text materials published on the site and in the program guide belong to the unitary enterprise "Mingorspravka". Copying and using of any part of these materials is possible only upon the written consent of the author.

Public Offer


MinskCards are sold through our online store belsouvenir.by. When you purchase a MinskCard, you will be redirected to the site belsouvenir.by. 

Public offer of the online-store of the Unitary Enterprise "Mingorspravka" on the sale of goods 

1. Terms and definitions

1.1. In this offer, if the context does not require otherwise, the following terms have the following meanings and are its integral part:

The seller - Unitary Enterprise "Mingorspravka" (Legal address: 220013, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Tsnianskaya str., 14, 1st floor).

The customer is an individual, intending to order or purchase or ordering, purchasing goods (work, service) or using the goods (the result of work, service) exclusively for personal, family, home and other needs not related to business purposes.

Online-store - the official online store of the Seller Unitary Enterprise "Mingorspravka", located at the Internet address http://belsouvenir.by/ Under this agreement, the definitions of the Online-store and the Store, as well as the Internet address http://belsouvenir.by and derivatives from belsouvenir.by are equivalent and are treated authentically, according to the context of the offer.

The goods - the object of the agreement of the parties, the list of product range items, presented in the official online-store.

Rules of sale – rules of the sale of goods in the online store of Unitary Enterprise "Mingorspravka" published in the section "Service and Assistance", paragraph "Rules of Sale", a direct link to the item: http://belsouvenir.by/buy/

Discount is a discount that is granted to certain Goods. The discount is indicated on the Goods page. The price for the Goods is indicated taking into account the discount.

Promo code discount is a discount that is granted to a certain group of Goods when entering a special code when placing an Order in the "Cart" of the Customer.

Promo code is a special code that provides a discount for a certain group of Goods and has a validity period. To get a promo code discount, you are to enter the promo code in a special field in the Cart of the Customer when you place an order.

Discount of a regular Customer is a discount provided by the online- store to the Customer under certain conditions. The conditions for granting discounts are specified in the section "My Discount".

2. General provisions                                                                                

2.1. This public offer (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") is the official offer of the Unitary Enterprise "Mingorspravka" for any individual with legal capacity and the necessary authority to conclude a sales agreement with the Unitary Enterprise "Mingorspravka" under the terms and conditions specified in this offer and contains all essential terms and conditions of the agreement .

2.2. Relations in the field of consumer protection are regulated by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus in force, in particular the provisions of the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus, the Rules for the Implementation of Retail Trade in Certain Types of Goods and Public Catering, the Consumer Protection Act of the Republic of Belarus, the Applications of Citizens and Legal Entities Act of the Republic of Belarus, the Rules of sale of the goods by samples.

3. Registration on the website

3.1. Only registered customers may place an order in the online-store, and the customer has the right to register on the site only 1 (one) time, i.е. may have only one Personal Account. In case the Customer has more than 1 (one) Personal Account, the seller has the right to unilaterally block the Customer's second Personal Account.

3.2. The Seller is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information provided by the Customer at the time of registration.

3.3. The customer who registered in the online store possesses individual identification data in the form of login and password. Individual identification of the Customer prevents unauthorized actions of third parties on behalf of the Customer and opens access to additional services. The transfer of the login and password by the Customer to third parties is prohibited.

3.4. The Customer shall be responsible for all possible negative consequences, in case of transfer of login and password to third parties.

3.5. You may use the discount of a regular customer only through the Personal Account. To do this, you are to make orders after accessing the site, using your login. The discount of a regular customer is tied to the certain Personal Account as its calculation is based on the purchases made through the Account. In case of re-registration on the site, the purchase history and the discount of the regular customer are not transferred from the old Personal Account to the new one. (Order statistics starts from scratch in the new Personal Account). You may use a discount only through the Personal Account in which it was created.

4. Subject of Agreement and the price of the Goods

4.1. The Seller transfers and the Customer receives and pays for the goods under the terms of this Agreement.

4.2. The ownership right to the ordered Goods shall pass to the Customer from the moment of actual transfer of the Goods to the Customer and successful payment for the full cost of the Goods. The Seller’s risk of accidental loss or damage of the Goods shall pass to the Customer from the moment of actual transfer of the Goods to the Customer.

4.3. The prices for the Goods are determined by the Seller in a unilateral indisputable order and are indicated on the pages of the online-store located at the Internet address: http://belsouvenir.by

4.4. The price of the goods is indicated in Belarusian rubles and includes the value-added tax.

4.5. The final price of the Goods is calculated on the principle of consecutive addition of Discounts to the Price of the Goods in the following order: Discount, Promo code discount, Discount of the regular Customer.

4.6. Registration and delivery of Orders, the cost of which is less than 6 rubles without inclusion of discounts is not carried out.

5. The moment of conclusion of the Agreement

5.1. The text of this Agreement is a public offer (in accordance with Article 405 and Article 407 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus).

5.2. The acceptance of this offer (Agreement) - recognizes placing an order by the Customer for the Goods in accordance with the terms of this offer.

5.3. Placement of the order by the Customer for the Goods is carried out by performing the actions specified in the "Service and Assistance" section "How to place an order", the direct link to the item: http://belsouvenir.by/buy
5.4. The Agreement concluded on the basis of acceptance of this offer by the Customer is an agreement of accession to which the Customer joins without any exceptions and / or reservations.

5.5. The fact of the ordering by the Customer is an unconditional fact of acceptance by the Customer of the terms of this Agreement. The customer who purchased the goods in the Seller's online-shop (having issued the order of the goods) is considered as the person who entered into relations with the Seller under the terms of this Agreement.

6. Rights and obligations of the parties

6.1. The Seller undertakes:

6.1.1. To ensure in full all the obligations to the Customer in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and the current legislation in force from the moment of conclusion of this Agreement. The Seller reserves the right of default on Agreement obligations in case of force majeure specified in clause 6 of this Agreement.

6.1.2. To process personal data of the Customer and ensure their confidentiality in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus in force.

6.1.3. By accepting this offer, the Customer expresses its consent and authorizes the unitary enterprise "Mingorspravka" (Legal address: 220013, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Tsnyanskaya str., 14, 2nd floor) (hereinafter - the Operator) to process its personal data, including surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, sex, biometric personal data, place of work and position, postal address, home phone number, work phone number, mobile phone number, e-mail, including collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, modification), usage, distribution (including the transfer in the territory of the Republic of Belarus and cross-border transfer), depersonalization, blocking, destruction of personal data, and also transferring them to the Operator's counterparties for research aimed at improving the quality of services, for conducting marketing programs, for statistical research, and for commercially promoting services by making direct contact with customers through a variety of means of communication, including, but not limited to: mail, email, phone, fax, Internet. The Customer expresses consent and allows the Operator and the Operator's contractors to process the personal data of the Customer, using automated database management systems, and also the other software specially developed for the Operator's instructions. Work with such systems is carried out according to the algorithm prescribed by the Operator (collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification, use, blocking, destruction). Used methods of processing (including but not limited to): automatic verification of postal codes with a code base, automatic verification of spelling of street / settlement names, clarification of data with the Customer by telephone, mail communication with the Customer or through contact via the Internet, database segmentation by the given criteria. The Customer agrees that in accordance with goals, specified in this Agreement his personal data received by the Operator may be transferred to third parties to whom the Operator may delegate processing of the Customer's personal data on the basis of an agreement concluded with such individuals under compliance with the requirements of Information, Informatization and Data Protection Act of the Republic of Belarus and in accordance with privacy security ensured by such third parties when using the personal data and the safety of personal data at their processing. When transferring the specified data of the Customer, the Operator warns the parties receiving the Customer's personal data that these data are confidential and may be used only for the purposes for which they are transferred and require these persons to comply with this rule. The Customer has the right to request from the Operator full information about their personal data, their processing and usage, and also to demand the exclusion or correction / addition of incorrect or incomplete personal data by sending a written request to the Operator to the postal address. The Customer's consent to the processing of his personal data is unlimited and may be withdrawn by sending a written application by the Customer to the Operator to the postal address.

6.2. The seller has the right:

6.2.1. On a unilateral basis to change this Agreement, Prices for the Goods and Tariffs for related services, methods and terms of payment and delivery of goods, placing them on the pages of the online- store located at the Internet address: http://belsouvenir.by/. All changes come in force immediately after publication and are considered brought to the attention of the Customer from the time of such publication.

6.2.2. To record telephone conversations with the Customer. In accordance with the Information, Informatization and Data Protection Act of the Republic of Belarus, the Seller undertakes: to prevent attempts of unauthorized access to information and / or transfer to parties not directly related to the execution of Orders; timely detect and suppress such facts.

6.2.3. To transfer rights and obligations of performance of the Agreement to third parties without Customer’s consent.

6.2.4. Before the delivery of the goods ordered by the Customer, the Seller has the right to demand 100% of the prepayment for the ordered goods from the Customer. The Seller has the right to refuse the delivery of the goods to the Customer in case of the absence of such payment.

6.2.5. The Seller has the right not to deliver the Goods to the Customer by courier at the address specified by Customer while ordering and transfer the Goods of the Customer to the marked by the Customer acquisition point.

6.2.6. The Seller has the right to make restrictions for Goods simultaneously delivered to the Customer.

6.2.7. The Seller has the right to set restrictions on the reservation of the Goods (the possibility of putting the Goods aside in the Cart for 24 hours) for the Customer.

- The Reserve does not apply for the Goods with a "New" sign.

-The maximum quantity of the Goods in the Reserve should not exceed 5 items.

- Only one item of each kind may be reserved.

-The Reserve terminates is 24 hours.

-Next reservation is available after 24 hours.

-The item is removed from the Reserve in case of its own removal by the Customer or automatic deletion due to termination of the Reserve.

6.2.8. (To) Use the "cookies" technology. "Cookies" do not contain confidential information and are not transferred to third parties.

6.2.9. (To) Obtain information about the IP address of the visitor of the website http://belsouvenir.by/.  This information is not used to identify the visitor and is not transferable to third parties.

6.2.10. The Seller has the right to send to the Customer messages, containing advertisements and other information through e-mail and SMS sending, meant to inform the Customer on discounts, sales, new acquisitions, etc. The frequency of mailings is determined by the Seller independently and unilaterally.

6.2.11. The Seller has the right on a unilateral basis to cancel the Customer's Order in the event of violation by the Customer of clause this Offer.

6.2.12. The Seller has the right to make restrictions on the amount of ordered goods for one day of delivery.

6.2.13. The Seller has the right to change the terms of the Discounts placed on the website of the online store http://belsouvenir.by, unilaterally without the consent of the Customer, by placing such changes on the website of the online store http://belsouvenir.by/.

6.2.14. In case of availability of funds in the Customer's Personal Account), the online Store reserves the right to request an identity document and an application in the prescribed form upon the change of Personal Data.

6.3. The Customer undertakes:

6.3.1. To learn about the contents and terms of this Agreement, the prices for the Goods offered by the Seller in the online store before the conclusion of the Agreement.

6.3.2. For fulfillment of the Seller's obligations to the Customer, the Customer shall provide all the necessary data that uniquely identifies them as a Customer, and is sufficient for the delivery of the Paid Goods to the Customer.

6.3.3. (To) Pay (for) the ordered Goods and their delivery on the terms of this Agreement. If the Customer specifies the non-cash payment method of the Order (by bank card or electronic payment system) when completing the Order, the Customer is obliged to pay for his Order within 24 hours from the moment of registration.

6.3.4. (To) Observe the Terms of Sale.

6.3.5. Not to use the goods ordered on the website for business purposes.

6.4. The Customer has the right:

6.4.1. The Customer has the right to refuse to receive emails and SMS sendings, for this he needs to click on the link in the letter "You can unsubscribe from the mailing list from your account" or go to the page "My mailings" in the Personal Account.

7. Delivery of Goods

7.1. Delivery of the Goods to the Customer is carried out within the time frame agreed upon by the Parties when confirming the order by the Seller's employee and according to the conditions set forth in the Rules of Sale. If the customer does not receive the order within the agreed time frame, the Seller has the right to cancel the order without further informing the Customer. In case of order prepayment, the funds are returned to the Customer within the time frame established by law.

7.2. Upon courier delivery the Customer puts his signature next to the items of the purchased Goods in the Delivery register. This signature serves as a confirmation that the Customer has no claims to the order picking, to the quantity and appearance of the Goods.

7.3. The Seller has the right to limit simultaneously delivered Goods to the Customer for a period of not more than 10 days.

7.4. After receipt of the Order claims for the quantity, completeness and appearance of the Goods are not accepted.

7.5. Courier delivery may be carried out at the address indicated in the Personal Account. Transfer of the order to the Customer and settlement with the Courier is possible in buildings only.

7.6. If the courier delivery is carried out in a public place (station, park, shop, restaurant, shopping centers, etc.), the transfer of the order and the settlement with the Courier is possible only in the office part, otherwise the order may be transferred only after 100% prepayment.

8. Payment for Goods

8.1. The price of the Goods is indicated next to a certain name of the Goods in the online store.

8.2. The price of the Goods on the Website of the Online Store (online store) may be changed by the Seller unilaterally. At the same time, the price for the Goods for which the Order is issued is not subject to change.

8.3. Payment for the Goods by the Customer or the Receiver is made in Belarusian rubles in the ways indicated by the Seller in the section "Payment, delivery, self-delivery" at the address: http://belsouvenir.by/buy/ The method of payment may be changed by the Seller unilaterally.

8.4. The Seller has the right to provide (to) the Customer discounts on the Goods and set a bonus program. Types of discounts, the procedure and conditions for charging and providing bonuses are indicated in the online-store in public access and may be changed by the Seller unilaterally.

9. Withdrawal of the offer

9.1. The withdrawal of the offer (Agreement) may be carried out by the Seller at any time, but this may not be the ground for refusing the Seller's obligations under the contracts already concluded. The seller undertakes to post a notice of withdrawal of the offer, in his online store, indicating the exact time of the withdrawal of the offer, not less than 12 hours before the fact of the occurrence of the withdrawal event (suspension) of the Offer

10. Action of force majeure (force majeure)

10.1. Either Party is released from liability for full or partial failure to perform their obligations under this Agreement, if this failure was caused by force majeure circumstances that arose upon signature of this Agreement. "Circumstances of Force Majeure" means extraordinary events or circumstances that such a Party could not foresee or prevent by means available to it. Such extraordinary events or circumstances include, in particular: strikes, floods, fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters, wars, military actions, actions of Belarusian or foreign government bodies, as well as any other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of either Party. Changes in existing legislation or regulations that directly or indirectly affect one of the Parties shall not be considered as Force Majeure circumstances, however, if such changes are made and prevent any of the Parties from fulfilling any of its obligations under this Agreement, the Parties are obliged to immediately take a decision on the procedure for eliminating this problem in order to ensure that the Parties continue to implement this Agreement.

11. Liability of the parties

11.1 The Parties shall be liable in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the terms of this Agreement.

11.2. All textual information and graphic images posted in the online store have the legal rights holder, illegal use of this information and images is prosecuted in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus in force.

11.3. All disputes, related to non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations under this Agreement), the parties shall try to resolve through negotiations.

11.4 In case of failure to reach an agreement in the course of negotiations, disputes shall be resolved in court in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus in force.