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What is MinskCard

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How does Minsk Card work

We offer You for travel 5 cards (MinskCard/Cities&Regions of Belarus) formats – Economy, VIP, Premium, Luxe and Business.

In the project museums, galleries, zoos, aquaparks, farm tourism estates, hotels, restaurants, cafe, trade objects, points of the car hire and bicycles to all Belarus participate which grant to the owners of MinskCard various bonuses and discounts. The MinskCard project has about 700 partners in all Belarus.

The formats mentioned include 13 different types of cards, developed on the basis of the results of scientific research. They have a wide price range and are designed specifically for different groups of customers.  

For all types of Card:

Discounts from 10% to 50% on one-time entrance to 200+ other museums and museum complexes in Belarus; excursions, the waterpark etc.;

The right of obtaining from 5% to 30% discounts and bonuses in the farm tourism estates and in the objects of accompanying service – hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops of distributing facilities, as well as for car and bike rental service during 3 years after the purchase of the Card.

Treatment in the Republic of Belarus.  Bonuses and discounts
Medical Information Service 131.


  • Oceanography Center, "Open Ocean" 
  • The museum of iron 

The Cards VIP and Premium in addition entitles to:

1. free one-time entrance:

  • Belarusian Great Patriotic War Museum
  • The exhibition "Karetnaya"
  • The exhibition "Minsk Horse-Drawn Railway"
  • National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus
  • The Museum "Strana mini”
  • The Yanka Kupala State Literary Museum
  • Mikhail Savitsky Art Gallery
  • Museum Complex “Dukora”
  • Museum of Nature and Ecology, 12 Karla Marksa Str.
  • Entertaining science Museum «Kvantum»
  • State Museum of History of Belarusian Literature
  • The Yakub Kolas State Literary Museum
  • Literary Museum of Maxim Bogdanovich
  • Minsk Zoo

The Cards VIP and Luxe in addition entitles to:

Unlimited travel by bus, trolleybus, tram and 10 subway rides; city's travel - on various conditions depending on the type of the card


On the reverse side of the Minsk Card you may find the number of the help desk which is available for calls from 9:00 till 17:00 Minsk time (GMT + 3).
There may be changes in the working hours of the objects, covered by the card!

How do I activate the Card

The activation takes place at the moment of electronic scanning of the QR code or manual data input from the Minsk Card at your first entry to an attraction. Before your first visit please fill in the date and time of your first visit on the reverse side of the Card.

Recording of an electronic transport pass to the Minsk Card is made at sale points and does not depend on the activation of the Card when visiting museums or joining tours. At the same time, note that the day lasts from 00:00 to 24:00, i.е. the validity of the ticket starts from 00:00 (hours: minutes) of the current day regardless of the time of recording by the seller.
Terms of use

The Card may be activated within 3 years from the moment of purchase.

The Card is not valid without a start date on the reverse side which should be filled in by the Card holder.

Minsk Card is for individual use only. Once activated, it is non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash. Damaged, lost or stolen cards can’t be restored.
In the event of the terms of use violation, the Card will be blocked.

How do I enter attractions with Minsk Card

The conditions for visits are specified in the site. There you may find information on the object: free entry, discounted entry or other.

Show the Card to the cashier and get either a free ticket or a discount/bonus upon its acquisition in accordance with the terms specified in the guidebook.

The cashier will scan the QR code, check the Card’s validity and provide you with a ticket. The service is provided under general conditions, without skipping the queue, except for several museums which have a separate ticket office for visitors with Minsk Card.

Travelling with children

The Card is made for adult tourists, for the reason, that beneficiaries (pre-schoolers, students and retirees) may get a ticket under special conditions. The conditions mentioned may differ and depend on the individual pricing policy of the particular object. Therefore, saving with the Card in case of a child may differ depending on the individual route.

You may buy cut-price tickets for your companions without Minsk Card at the same ticket office (except for special ticket offices).

We recommend reading our Terms & Conditions before making a purchase.

Liability of the operator

While Minsk Card Operator has taken all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of information published in the guidebook and on this website, conditions at these sites are subject to change. Therefore it is recommended to check opening times, prices and other relevant information directly with the attraction prior to visiting.

All participants listed within Minsk Card scheme are contractually bound with the Operator to offer free admission or other stated benefits to the Card holders. Operator has taken all reasonable care to ensure that only properly run and reputable attractions of good standing are included. However the Operator shall not be held liable for any shortcomings of the service at participating locations, or if any of them refuses the stated benefits with no good cause and contrary to the terms of the contract.

The Operator provides no reimbursement for the unused services within the period of validity, neither for temporary or total cancellation of the service due to technical reasons, shall such occur at any of the attractions. Minsk Card offer does not include temporary exhibitions and is not combined with other discounts at participating locations. It also does not cover entry to some major special events held at the attractions. In such cases it is recommended to check the information concerning a particular event.

How to buy? Sale & acquisition points

There are 2 options of purchasing Minsk Card:

1. Place an order by means of website minskpass.by and pick up your Card at an acquisition point
If you order Minsk Card online, after the payment please follow this link https://belsouvenir.by/en/personal/minskpass/  and print a voucher (reciept) . The voucher contains a unique QR code and may be exchanged for a Card at any of the acquisition points listed below.

When purchasing a Minsk Card online, you are to mark the desired sale point to receive the Card.
Payment options: online by a credit card.

When making online payment for the card, you may receive the card not earlier than in 24 hours after the payment.

You may get the card at the chosen sale point in accordance with its working hours.

2. Make a purchase at one of Minsk Card sales points (see below)

Infokiosk and souvenirs pavilion (unitary enterprise «Mingorspravka»)
Address: Svobody Square, 2a, Minsk
Coordinates: 53.903392,27.556947
Phone number: +375 29 144 41 81
Open: 10 am - 9 pm, daily

Infokiosk and souvenirs pavilion (unitary enterprise «Mingorspravka»)
Address: Privokzal'naya Square, 5, Minsk
Coordinates: 53.890908,27.550565
Phone number: +375 44 575 17 66
Open: 8 am - 8 pm, daily

Information-Tourist Center "Minsk"
Address: Revolyutsionnaya Street, 13, Minsk
Coordinates: 53.902353,27.55082
Phone number: 8 017 203-39-95
Link on the website